Monday, December 10, 2007

Sweet Jebus!

Courtesy of 97 Rock's website, the set list from today's Zeppelin reunion (with corresponding album):

Good Times, Bad Times I
Ramble On II
Black Dog IV
In My Time of Dying Physical Graffitti
For Your Life Presence
Trampled Under Foot Physical Graffitti
Nobody's Fault but Mine Presence
No Quarter Houses of the Holy
Since I've Been Loving You III
Dazed and Confused I
Stairway to Heaven IV
The Song Remains the Same Houses of the Holy
Misty Mountain Hop IV
Kashmir Physical Graffitti

Whole Lotta Love II
Rock and Roll IV

Holy shit is that a fucking rock solid set list, a veritable greatest hits. The people who were there are the luckiest people on Earthy by leaps and bounds. It's not even funny. And from what I saw on the BBC World News they totally fucking rocked out Black Dog, and more importantly they looked like they were having fun doing it.

It is time.

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