Thursday, December 20, 2007

House of Cards


  • This is the Republican era. Up until January of this year they controlled all three branches of government. Theoretically we should be having a "Shining City on the Hill" moment.
  • Isn't Brittney Spears a big Bush supporter?
  • I refuse to buy my niece wee lass hoochie wear or toys made in China this Christmas.
  • This knocked up Jamie Lynn Spears thing is a genuine American event. Parents really are being compelled to address the birds and the bees with their tweens under total duress. It really has upset the applecart of the American family, and in a true twist it actually warrants front page coverage. Up to a point.
  • It is an incontravertable fact that the Spears family is leading America down the path of destruction.
  • A Christian publishing house was going to publish a book by Lynne Spears about raising children. Lynne Spears is of course the mother of that sixteen year old girl who's giving it up to a nineteen year old boyfriend and not too surprisingly got knocked up.
  • Boy has it been a rough year for the tween entertainment industry whatwith that chick from High School Musical getting buck naked for pictures and e-mailing them to the entire Internet and now this Spears episode. Disney and Nickolodean really took it on the chin in 2008. Or did they? This is free fucking advertising.
  • The true test will be what sort of teenage pregnancy numbers we see in the late third and fourth quarters of 2008.
  • This is truly the Republican Era.

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