Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Am a Religious Bigot

It's true. Voting for a Mormon would be difficult for me, at least until my deep unease about their beliefs were assuaged. "Oh" I bet you are saying, "I thought The Dude was open minded," and to you I say "kiss my ass" and "sorry Charlie but Mormons have some 'splainin' to do," although I don't think there's a way to explain how Mormons believe

that the Garden of Eden was in Missouri; that Jews were the first people in
America; that Indians descended from Jews and are a lost tribe of Israel; that
Jesus came to America; that after the next coming of Christ (which will be the
second or third, depending on how you count his trip to America), the world will
be ruled for a thousand years from Jerusalem and Missouri; and to answer Mike
Huckabee's now famous question, yes, they believe "Jesus and Lucifer were
brothers, in the sense of both being spiritually begotten by the Father."

Yes it's true- I am defending former West Wing writer and producer Lawrence O'Donnell for his delightful rant on PBS the other day. If Romney wants to talk about his faith that's fine, but the trick is to actually talk about his faith and not blow smoke up our asses. Come on now Mitt, take your medicine like a man.


Anonymous said...

At least your honest about your bigotry.

What's your religion. I'd be thrilled to write a similar list of weird things you believe (taken completely out of context like you've done here).

Congratulations on enjoying a "delightful" bigoted rant that made everyone else on the show sit back in horror. It says volumes about you.

Anonymous said...

I don't know you, but I don't like you. Grab a sheet and make a hood, you'll fit right in. Perhaps you could burn a cross on your Mormon neighbor's lawn. All of the Mormons I've know have been much, much nicer than you and to be frank, more articulate.

The Dude said...

"Grab a sheet and make a hood"..."perhaps you could burn a cross on your Mormon neighbor's lawn...." get the fuck out of here with that shit. That is some rich fucking shit considering the (dodgy) history of Mormom race relations with the black man, and frankly you deserve a mighty slap upside your head for likening the persecution of African Americans to my "persecution" of Mormons my friend. But anyway- I don't hate on Mormons, and I personally have no problems with Mormon folks outside of the fact that I think their beliefs are odd, and honestly that's not enough reason for me to be rude or withhold my hand in Christian fellowship.

But when Mitt talked out his ass about "the faith of his fathers" without actually talking about the faith of his fathers, or when you talked out your ass about "hoods" and "burning crosses" I had to step up. That is just the way I roll. Happy New Years.