Sunday, December 02, 2007

In Hockeytown USA We Don't Like Anybody

You know you live in Hockeytown USA when pretty much every game is an occasion for getting together and last night was no exception, with my favorite part (in addition to the game itself and the beer) being a Socratic run thru of the NHL during the 1st intermission that ended with a decision that outside of Tampa Bay (John Torterella, Dopey Dave Andrychuck) and Calgary (strangely enough no beefs with them) we don't like anybody. It's the Sabres baby and nobody else.

We also agreed that it is rank heresy to be born and bred in WNY and root for the Boston Bruins and Miami Dolphins. Actually it's rank heresy to root for anybody other than your hometown teams, but it's exceptionally foul to root for those teams. And to be able to buy a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey at the Dick's at the Galleria Mall.

Like I said, in Hockeytown USA we don't like ANYBODY but OUR team.

Special thanks to our rowdy (ie passionate) away game fans who are among the least liked in the NHL.

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