Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Real Skinny

This week's Frank Rich column breaks it down so clearly that I have to leave you with his last paragraph, which distills the Obama effect precisely:

For those Americans looking for the most unambiguous way to repudiate
politicians who are trying to divide the country by faith, ethnicity, sexuality
and race, Mr. Obama is nothing if not the most direct shot. After hearing
someone like Mitt Romney preach his narrow, exclusionist idea of “Faith in
America,” some Americans may simply see a vote for Mr. Obama as a vote for faith
in America itself.

Correctomundo Meester Rich. Obama totally represents change as well as a welcome break break with history. It's all very potent, and certainly will far well against the goofball GOP field. I also liked Rich's comments on Romney's laughable "I'm A Mormom" speech earlier in the week and the hilariously out of touch with reality wisdom of the Washington Beltway...

Beltway hands thought they knew how to frame the Romney speech because they
assumed (incorrectly) that it would build on the historical precedent set by
J.F.K. When they analyzed the three-state Oprah-Obama tour, they again reached
for historical precedent and were bamboozled once more — this time because there
really was no precedent.

I'm not even going to go on about how I was right about Oprah, that would be crass. Oprah is bigger than Jesus. Oprah is a FACT. Instead I'll be crass and have a good laugh about how the lamebrains tried to compare JFK's "I won't take orders from the Vatican" salespitch with Romney's "allow me to not address your unease about me being a Mormon" speech. The sad reality is that it's a far fucking cry to compare that silly prejudice to the misgivings I have about what I saw depicted accurately on South Park a few years ago when they did a show about Joseph Smith, and the misgivings other folks have after watching Mormonism covered on Frontline. I'm sorry kids but that's a huge fucking difference, and Romney knows it.

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