Thursday, December 06, 2007

Odds and Sods 2

  • I've moved on from that mall mass murder guy (yes I refuse to say his name). If some machine toting lunatic (who always seems to be a honkey now that I think about it) wants to cash in my chips at the Galleria so be it. I have to do my X-Mas somewhere because I ain't made of time and money (it must be so nice to hit the boutiques and shops in our many fine neighborhoods) and that's that. It's not like I can buy everything at the Sabres store....
  • I'm sorry, but the new New World Records (is that Version 3 or 4?) is a good store to buy music. Yes it's in North Buffalo, and yes it's in a strip mall, but come on now. I know there's a ludicrous effort to rename parts of our fair city with pretentious shit like Mid town or Upper Delaware or some such nonsense, but come on now people, we have to get over ourselves. And for you pretentious urbanites out there- it's only cool if you do it like in England and you're calling shit "Tottenham" or "Islington." Again, either get over yourselves... or go for broke.
  • I had to pick up Todd Rundgren's Utopia to get ready for the show Saturday night (a hot ticket according to the same old New World guy who worked at the location on Elmwood) and dag that is some crazy shit. Prog rock insanity, even crazier than A Wizard, A True Star. Man I can't wait for that show.
  • Now this is fucking genius. According to the Heritage Foundation (note, a conservative "think tank") the biggest rise in the teen pregnancy rate in 14 years isn't because the Jesus Brigade's Abstinence Only sex ed programs are failing utterly, it's because the kids just want to have kids, and they want to have them now. Like I said... a "think tank." And even better, according to El Presidente's regime, it's all Bill Clinton's fault. Like I said, fucking genius.

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