Monday, December 03, 2007

Another Strike Casualty

There's always some pain involved in a strike, and I've seen another show temporarily go under as a result of the (righteous) WGA donneybrook with the last Heroes of 2007 airing tonight (the first casualty of course being the writer heavy Office). Ah well, that's the way it goes... but we have to remain tough, and tough we shall be. At least the Heroes "finale" kicked serious ass in just about every way possible. Blood, guts, betrayal, cold blooded revenge, and death. It was good. I like I said- ah well.

Also, my HD jealousy is growing. Torchwood, Foo Fighters, NHL hockey, Monday Night Football- it's all ridiculous in HD. Of course I like my current digital (non HD) set up- I have the THX certified digital optical cables connecting my shit so it's not like it's all fuzzy and crummy. It's bright and crisp, but it doesn't have that HD depth and weird hypnotic effect. But I will resist.

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