Sunday, December 09, 2007

I Am A Goofball Magnet

And yes, just like at the Roger Waters show at Darien Lake no matter where I stand the goofballs in the crowd gravitate toward me, with last night's ding dongs being the aforementioned lyric screamer ("I HATE MY FREEEKIN' ISP.... YEEEAAARRRHGGH!") and a wanker who pissed and moaned because Todd played a cover tune ("why is Todd playing somebody else's song? I didn't pay to see Todd play somebody else's song"). NO MOTHERFUCKER YOU PAID TO HEAR WHATEVER THE FUCK TODD PLAYS FOR YOU. There, it had to be said.

They didn't ruin the show for me, but I will admit that it's starting to become a disturbing trend at shows. I will however give a shout out to the older Todd fan who tried to push her way to the front of the crush by grabbing my ass (and the ass of everybody else in front of her and her husband) and mashing her chest into our backs. She was very friendly and oddly enough her husband didn't seem to mind (to each his own), but needless to say she didn't get in front of us because we circled the wagons and weren't giving up our spot. Nice try sweetheart.

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