Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Gave Offense

In response to the comment by Anonymous (very original, very original) about my religious bigotry I am lapsed Catholic*, which in other words probably means that I am a former Catholic. Actually I've pretty much given up on organized religion all together. It's all a big stretch, a lot to swallow, and at the end of the day I've moved on intellectually and philosophically. And speaking of being a lot to swallow, you can claim I (actually Lawrence O'Donnell) took some of the tennets of the Mormon faith "out of context" but we both know that's just not the case. Why you sound just like a politician. "Out of context." You want context? How about this: Mormonism is a kooky religion that hated on black folks until 29 years ago. There's your context.

And those other "horrified" people on McLaughlin were "horrified" that O'Donnell was laying it all on the table and they plainly were not. They were pretending, they were certainly turning a blind eye to some unpleasant facts about the faith of Mitt Romney's fathers, and they were totally playing the game. A game that I don't play. I call it the way I see it.

But thanks for reading the blog and posting your comment. Seriously. Thanks.

* But no matter how lapsed my Catholicism is, I still feel guilty for the Catholic Church's crimes against humanity throughout history. Oh the guilt.

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