Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Future is Now

Possible evidence that we are living in the future RIGHT NOW:

  1. Gas station Kwik-E-Marts and our local Corner Stores and Wil-Fils are becoming total hubs of future commerce. You can buy your dried meats, porno, lottery tickets, conduct your banking and manage your cell communications, buy Red Bull energy drinks as well as toilet paper and beer... just like in a William Gibson future sci-fi novel (Nueromancer, Virtual Light).
  2. Our malls shine as bright as a downtown urban center and are getting bigger and bigger. The Galleria alone is cavernous, a center of international commerce where you can get pretty much anything (except for porno and liquor), but if they want us to live in the mall (like in Howard Chaykin's American Flagg series) they're gonna have to add the porno and liquor.
  3. Thanks to 24 hour news and the Internet our celebrities exist in a way previous celebrities did not, providing us up to the minute stimulation and distraction from our lonely, non-celebrity lives; and for the real ding dongs and the lost among us our modern celebrities have become surrogate (or should I say imaginary) friends... just like in William Gibson's Idoru.
  4. A lot of our teenagers are dressing and behaving like cartoon characters, and some are starting to act like low grade rejects from A Clockwork Orange.
  5. We are WELL on our way to becoming a high tech surveillance police state.

Interesting times folks.... interesting times.

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