Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Super Shit

Superman Returns is a hella turkey- a colossal dud; horseshit. No beginning, no middle, no end, no plot, no pace, and the movie refuses to end. They had a dude who looks and sounds like Superman, a great Lex Luthor, and brilliant technological effects... unfortunately they didn't have a script worth two shits and apparently NOBODY knew it. Bryan Singer and his gang totally fumbled the ball.

The buzz is wrong. The buzz is wishful thinking. The buzz is a media company hoping to recoup some cash and some fanboys helping them by re-living their youths... at all costs.

And the 3d wasn't that frigging exciting. Goddamnit, I really wanted to like that movie. Seeing Superman The Movie for the first time was like a fucking religious experience for Jebus's sake. Aaaarrrgh.

I am going to bed.

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