Monday, June 19, 2006

A Celebration

In honor of the DVD release of Dave Chappelle's Block Party on DVD I give you once again my thoughts from March after seeing it in the theater. Buy this motherfucker people! You will laugh! You will cry! You will feel good about America! It's still the feel good movie of 2006.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Due to technical difficulties and a sucky day so far you get yesterday's blog today: Dave Chappelle's Block Party is the shit. I want to live in his America: a country where people are cool with one another and where people of all creeds and colors come together to listen to our finest American rap music and enjoy a good BBQ. It's the feel good movie of the year.


Random thoughts on Block Party: Mos Def is the coolest cat in the USA, Questlove Thompson is a musical/drumming genius, The Fugees were and are hilariously overrated, the return of Big Daddy Kane brought a smile to my face and triggered a subconsious time travel trip back to the late 80's riding on the 22 Summer Best Metro bus to school, Erykah Badu is a goddess, Jill Scott is a radiant, beautiful Odetta, Dead Prez so drop the true science, and only African American folks should be allowed to do marching bands.

Why is Artvoice sleeping on Block Party? They've got a great ad for the movie but no review. It's even directed by Michael Gondry. What's that about?

The poster for Block Party is great, one of my favorite posters ever: in addition to all the musical stars from the movie and Dave front and center it also features the old Bed Stuy hippy lady, the Central State U. marching band director who helped get those kids to NYC for the party, and some of the folks from southwestern Ohio who got golden tickets to come to the party. The movie is as much theirs is it is anybody else's. Dave Chappelle is cool, no matter what anybody says.

And oh yeah, the Sabres are AWESOME. Keep it rolling lads, you are DOING IT.

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