Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Sporting Life

The spirit of America was definitely embodied by the US Open: the USGA's puritanical efforts to punish professional golfers killed everybody's spirits and resulted in lousy scores, the outcomes was determined by high powered chokes (Furyk, Montgomerie) and remarkably poor decisions (Mickelson), and the trophy literally fell into the lap of some dude FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY. I kid you not, the Golf Channel postgame coverage featuring post match press conferences is brilliant, a pageant of pain, shame, and regret. Oh the humanity. I think it was Jon Stewart who joked that perhaps the 3-nil Czech drubbing of the US hinted that ours was a country in decline, and if it is indeed true that through the sporting life one can understand the ebb and flow of life itself than the 2006 US Open certainly posed some questions. And hey, wasn't the only goal the US got yesterday against Italy an own goal? It was! Minga! We're hanging by a thread in the World Cup too. Yikes.

I fear that our national mojo is fucked.

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