Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Spirit of America

Only on FIFA World Cup 2006 on the PS2 does Cliff the Liberal embody the spirit of America- injuring 2 players (we're talking LAYING THEM OUT!) and snatching the only goal to clinch third place (the Republican roommate co-pilot played woefully as the other American in the game). Yes folks, there seems to be a mystical barrier blocking myself from getting into the videogame World Cup Finals. Sad. But the crushing of two peaceable Dutchmen and digging out the winner in the service of America... almost number 1... that was great.

The spirit of America might also have been embodied today by Phil Mickelson, who played the final hole of the US Open like he was drunk, or playing like he was me or my golfing buddies, and thus totally gave away the US Open. Two hilariously bad shot decisions in a row... profoundly bad decisions. What great television.

But... Phil admitted his error and called himself "an idiot"... is that American? It certainly ain't Bush-like. Frankly I think it was just pure cockiness and it killed him when he should have played it conservatively. Oh well. I still love Phil.

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