Thursday, June 22, 2006


Talk about playing for your dignity... Ivory Coast battled back to win the game after being down by 2. Tremendous. That might even postpone the resuming of armed conflict in that country. America however tomorrow is not playing for their dignity. They are playing for a chance in the big leagues. Yes we need Italy to beat the Czech Republic. But that can and will happen. The Azzurri will pull it off, and I have no problem rooting for them (I just finished reading a book about Italian soccer after all for God's sake). This is it. Courage. Grit. Some goddamned offense.

USA!?! USA. USA!!!

Oh yeah, the Argentina v Netherlands was a dud, the first dud of the Cup. Alas while some games are about pride and others for a chance to do more, some games are just about not getting injured. Oh well, the knockout stage begins Saturday...

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