Monday, June 19, 2006

The Netherworld

Damn, us Star Trek fans are like nomads wandering in the darkness... making our own Star Trek episodes... wondering how THEY will fuck it up next... and now drooling over the great imponderable: what would have happened if Michael J Stryzinksi re-imagined and rebooted Star Trek before Paramount sent his treatment back "return to sender." Of course I'm intrigued because 1) I think Trek has burnt itself out after the disappointment that was Enterprise, 2) Chuck over at Seeley's always has championed the notion, and 3) the mythology of the new series shows real love for what made the original Trek so great and enduring.

In any case, our quest across the pop culture desert continues.

The oasis?

Doctor Who- The Pirate Planet was fan-fucking-tastic: well produced, clever on the verge of satire, and thoroughly hilarious. It even ended with the Doctor giving the newly liberated Zanaxians the black power salute.

Douglas Adams was / is a genius, and the British were brilliant for giving him their BBC airwaves to spread it around.

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