Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Calm Before The Storm

We've been given a few days off to take stock of things, to catch our breath, to gain some perspective on the tournement. The conclusion: the tournement has been generally ugly and rough. The cards up the wazoo, the generally shabby play of England, the lack of truly beautiful soccer... the funny thing- it doesn't matter. The games I have seen have been tense, crazy, with bursts of pure brilliance, and pure competition (except for that Argentina v. Netherlands match- that was a dud). That's my feeling. But now we get to hold our breath again because the quarterfinals of the World Cup begin tomorrow.

Argentina v. Germany. A total classic. I'm rooting for Argentina. Tevez!!! Riquelme.

Italy v. Ukraine. Maybe not a classic, but the Italians are always fun to watch. Italy. And how about that Serie A scandal?!? Ay - yiy -yiy - yiy. Damn... Juventus (the Yankees of Italian soccer) is going down (to Serie B). Oh well.

England v. Portugal. Either a total upset or the British finally get their shit together. Portugal.

Brazil v. France. Ronaldo v. Zidane- the Battle of the Ancients. Unless Thierry Henry shows up Brazil all the way. Sayonara Zidane.

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