Thursday, June 22, 2006

Face It Folks

0 - 2 - 1.

America needs to face it, our national soccer leaves a great deal to be desired. Sending journeymen overseas for international experience is all well and good, but our native soccer needs some juice, some oomph, some goddamned spirit. MLS just doesn't do it. Nobody is playing for their jobs, for their team's livelihoods day in and day out because there's nowhere to go- you're team is in the league and you stay there, you're good to go. Everywhere else in the world of soccer however the league lineups change from year to year because the lame teams get the boot down into lower leagues and the best move up to a higher level, and THAT is what we need in the US. The training, the commitment, the drive, it's just more intense in a promotion/relegation system and that is where our national game needs to go. That passion and intensity also carries over to the fans and the way the interact with the game, and I have to think that would help grow the game here too- fanatical fans at the local level, fans caught up in the very battle for the existence of their teams, become fanatics for the national game and national team. That's how you make the game of soccer our game.

Bruce Arena, our US manager, needs to go. They just weren't ready for the Czechs and we never fully recovered.

Oh well, the World Cup dreams of the US in 2006 are done, kaput. At least Freddie Adu, the future of US soccer will be a legal adult in 2010, and he might even be playing for Chelsea.

Anyhoo... let's go Argentina!!!!

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