Saturday, March 25, 2006

Odds and Sods

- It is totally gut check time for El Buffalo Sabres. Hold tight and hold fast people.

- Uncle George is absolutely right.

- Today's WNY Progress Report was jim dandy... fun as hell.

- News Talk 1270 is where it's at, and I ain't just saying that because our show is on Radio Free Buffalo Saturday's. You can take that station to the bank, it's quest for truth, justice, and the American way pure and purposeful.

- Sam Seder was right this week on Franken: the Republicans have control of everything and they have FUCKED EVERYTHING UP.

- The family LLC has taken ownership of the Point Abino house and some Happy Jack's take out was consumed to celebrate/consecrate it. Happy Jack's is the bomb... Iron Chef good. The calimari in bean garlic sauce was bloody brilliant, and the shrimp and green pepper was subtle and profound.

- Bailey's Irish Creme with Mint Chocolate is also very, very good. Ranking Bailey's Irish Creme from "favorite" to "not as much a favorite":
1) Bailey's with Caramel Creme
2) classicc Bailey's
3) Bailey's with Mint Chocolate

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