Saturday, March 25, 2006

Fun Fun Fun

This is sublime fun. Fun fun fun. Wayne Coyne loves me, and he loves you too even if you don't know it yet.... gentle lullabies, post punk rock flame outs, weird noise/art rock, psychedelic ear candy... it's all here on this documentary movie soundtrack/collection of Lips live arcana. And the more I hear off the new album (At War With The Mystics... APRIL 4, 2006!), the more I am getting hella-jonzed for it; "Free Radicals" is wild, very Prince-like in it's sassy sonic layering with even more Sabbath-like guitar work (you read that right, Prince and Sabbath in the same sentence, in the same song), and the lyrics are bloody great. What a great CD to drive around to.

And it's sort of funny, putting out a live CD / odds and sod collection, considering their new album comes out in less than 2 weeks. It's almost like Christmas for Lips fans* and folks the joy is real.

It's Flaming Lips mania and you don't even know it yet.

* you know... when you sneak a little purchase for yourself when your out X-Mas shopping.


Jen14221 said...

A dude from Williamsville manages the Flaming Lips.

tragicallyflip said...

no fucking way!