Friday, March 31, 2006

It's been a long night of radio show stuff, Sabres defeat, and battling the computer, but before I go to bed:

- The Flaming Lips on Letterman were groovy, weird, catchy, and singing some challenging and profound shit. Also for my secular friends I recommend this article about the Lips off the AP Wire, which even suggests that the Lips might be THE BAND OF THE MOMENT, shining some clarity on the state of things.

- That said I am hella pissed that I was completely unaware that the Flaming Lips are playing up in Toronto next Tuesday until today, after the show has sold out. WTF? I check my e-mails. I should have been AWARE goddamnit. Somebody does their part to hip me via the goddamned internet and I do my part and rally my goddamned troops, get tickets, and do dat thang. Very, very disappointing.

- Tonight's OC was a spicy meatball, zesty, and surprisingly touching when Kiki took her son to an AA meeting. And now Sandy is going to have to use some Qui Gonn Jinn mojo to defeat the crooked developer. Dag. I had to drop Footballers Wives (I wasn't THAT into it) so this is officially my guiltiest TV pleasure.

- WTF is up with the Sabres? WTF is with the letting the puck slide off the stick and out into open space as opposed to a teammate's stick? What's that about? The talk about Lindy getting the boot if the Sabres crap out in the first round might be getting louder.

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