Thursday, February 16, 2006

Who’s The Bigger Fool? The Fool Or The Fool Who Follows Them?

Bogarted from the WNY Progress Report:

Who’s The Bigger Fool? The Fool Or The Fool Who Follows Them?
February 16th, 2006 by Cliff

More fun and games that went horribly wrong:

Bush spent more than 90 minutes with House Republicans, gathered for a
retreat at a resort on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. He spoke near the midpoint of
their three-day meeting, a blend of policy and politics that included the
premiere of a tongue-in-cheek video modeled on Star Wars.

Shown to lawmakers on Thursday night, the video lampooned GOP political
opponents as “The evil Democrat empire.” California Rep. Nancy Pelosi (news,
bio, voting record), the Democratic leader, was depicted as “Darth Nancy.”

The “empire” soon struck back, as Pelosi and other Democrats announced
that Star Wars director George Lucas would be appearing with them at a
town hall-style meeting at the Capitol next week.

Talk about insulated. Don’t they know we all call Dick Darth Cheney? Yikes.

What a pile of assholes, misappropriating Star Wars so shamefully. It will serve them right if Lucas shows up and says "ha ha motherfuckers*- George Bush IS Anakin Skywalker after he comes Darth Vader in Episode III! I totally meant all of that shit!"

* Yes, in my mind sometimes Uncle George talks like Jules in Pulp Fiction.

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