Thursday, February 23, 2006

- The silver lining of this bonfire that is America is that The Daily Show has been bloody brilliant. El Presidente in meltdown mode, last night Sarah Vowell being depressingly hilarious as she laments our modern administration, and tonight Matthew Fox getting hilariously grilled by Stewart for any clues about Lost.

- I really hope ABC does another Lost mockumentary catch up thingy (narrated by Peter Coyote!) after this season for you poor bastards missing out, I really do.

- Huh? DS correspondent Jason Jones is the father of fellow DS correspondent Samantha Bee's child? Are they... husband and wife? Why was I not notified? And dig how he hold his daughter. Hilarious. And wrong.

- WTF?!? El Presidente found out about the Dubai port deal... from the media coverage of the flap over the deal?!? According to Scott McClellan? During the goddamned actual press briefing? Puff out your mouth and let it go slack, go "aaaaahhhhh" in a low voice, and shake your head spastically. Repeat.

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