Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bode Miller is a Douchebag

What an asshole. A complete bag of shit. "I rocked." No Bodie, you lost. You barely showed up, and you were lame. America might be full of shit right now but full of shit or not we don't truck with the lame. Oh well. He didn't just represent the assholes in charge of our country, he represents the whole fucking lot of us and I am not fucking amused in the least. He should be put in the stocks and pelted with garbage for his arrogant, self serving horsecrap.

Wedding Crashers was sort of funny, but not as funny as EVERYBODY let on, and frankly it degenerates into one gratuitous cliche riddled scene after another. But the ladies are nice (brunette Rachel McAdam!) to look at and Owen Wilson's "I'm totally stoned but not stoned at all" shtick is always funny, so it's not a total wash. It also makes rich people look bad.

The 40 Year Old Virgin is also too long but unlike Wedding Crashers it's fucking hilarious: Steve Carrell is a genius as the vulnerable man child, Catherine Keener is an earth goddess, real; and the trash talking Indian dude is priceless. The dick jokes and profanity is wonderfully offset by some surprising sensitivity, and the payoff at the end is also very much worth the price of admission.

Oh yeah, The Tragically Hip have sold out 2 shows in one day up at Fort York in Toronto, and me and the fellas are going to the Saturday show. Booyah. The Hip, on their native soil, in the unofficial capital of Canada, or at least Eastern Canada. I am way psyched.


Jen(nifer) said...

Too bad shes blond now. Dumb Rachel McAdams.

I watched this movie this weekend too! ;)

tragicallyflip said...