Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fire Up The Death Watch


Don Knotts. Darren McGavin. Who's next? We lost somebody cool last time on the third leg and we've already lost somebody cool. I'm nervous this time.

Goddamn. Darren McGavin. The Old Man. Kolchak the spiritual forefather of The X-Files. Hell, he even did a few episodes of The X-Files as the spiritual forefather of Fox Mulder as the agent who worked The X-Files in the 50's and was a nemesis of Roy Cohn (the original Cigarette Smoking Man). I loved his gruff but lovable style and wonderful timing, and I've probably internalized more of the Old Man than I care to admit, and he will be missed.


Tom said...

Turns out that next was Dennis Weaver. Hmmm...all names starting with D this time around.

Sidekick said...

I trust you will be blogging about #3, Dennis Weaver...