Tuesday, February 28, 2006

- Kudos to Sidekick for calling Dennis Weaver as the third leg of the death watch. I was so worked up over 24 and fried over the phonebanking that it done slipped my mind. Rest assured folks- my coworkers got the dramatic re-enactment of my death watch blog yesterday when the Weaver news broke over the AP wire (if it wusn't for the AP Wire on the company intranet I probably would have thrown myself down the stairs years ago).

- "The Cool One of the Bunch" this time goes to Darren McGavin.

- The De-Deification of the American Faithscape. Fucking brilliant. How can 1 thiry minute show be such a wonderful scourge of an entire cable news network? God The Colbert Report is awesome, way funnier than The Daily Show. It has no shame. Colbert lets it ALL hang. And that's not a slap to the old DS. The DS is an institution, a daily satire engine that gets it right. I think they've even hired a fact checker to get it "right," it being the gist (because satire can't be 100% factual by it's nature). And Jon Stewart is one of the most trusted men in America, his natural American bullshit-o-meter in synch with ours more than theirs.

- The Colbert Report seems to be getting better, faster, quicker.

- Now I gotta get to work on time. Yikes. Fat Tuesday! Booyah!

- Doug Brinkley on CNN talking about Mardi Gras! Hunter Thompson biographer/archivist, Sean Penn NOLA rescue buddy! A good dude, even if he is straight laced.

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