Sunday, February 26, 2006

- The bonus crap on The 40 Year Old Virgin is also fucking hilarious: the gag reel, the lines of cut dialogue, hair waxing, more sex advice from Mooj the foul mouthed Hindu from Brooklyn, hell, even the menus are funny.

- I don't even know how they made his movie without laughing through every take. The Age of Aquarius finale is gut bustingly hilarious. What a schizophrenic movie: a sensitive movie about personal growth that's got a lot of sex and dick jokes. Finally, I movie that I laughed at A LOT.

- I love Republicans. They edit Monty Python's Personal Best to "conform to broadcast standards" on PBS but forget about the bare man ass and all the other frank talk just so they could bleep "blowjob."

- Oh yeah, the Italian take out from Cafe Garangelo on Hertel Ave. (next to Johnny's Meats) was most satisfactory: the fettucini with proscuitto was excellent, and was heartily approved of by the exacting Duquin and myself, and the ravioli was also excellent according to roommate. And as awlays I also liked the garlic bread and the refreshing balsamic vinagrette house dressing. My only regret- I didn't order a cannoli.

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