Wednesday, February 22, 2006

- Ronaldinho is a goddamned genius. For Barcelona's second goal (two away goals! fucking huge!) he just levitated down the field at warp speed, and then he set up the cross with a ridiculously long pass that was fated to end up on Larsen's foot, then some other guy's, and then Sam Eto's noggin. Bloody brilliant. For all of Chelsea's efforts to cheat like hell Barcelona still kicked ass.

- I am so glad that ESPN2 is showing these UEFA Champions League matches. Two weeks until the next leg (rubber match central baby)!

- Tosy and Cosh is cool. And I hereby award Tosy and Cosh the Freedom of Zooropa for the fine essaying of U2's hilariously underrated Zooropa.

- And I started a 100 Questions Thingy that Tosh and Cosy got off Byzantium's Shores (hey hey, a local boy) and it was fun... until it became hilariously incriminating.

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Tosy And Cosh said...

If you only knew how very, very rarely I get called "cool" . . . .