Sunday, February 19, 2006

Battlestar Galactica's Got Monster Balls (Cleaning Off El TiVO)

Last week the nature of terrorism, and this week abortion rights? And intelligent political intrigue? WTF? Is this The West Wing? West Wing DVD's? It sure as shit ain't Commander in Chief. Hot damn, it's Battlestar Galactica. Have I said how much I hated the original and was originally sort of rooting against the remake because they cancelled Farscape to make room for it? What a show. The best show on TV. The Sopranos has got a lot to do to reclaim it's spot, and Star Trek? Poor Star Trek's gonna have to find some genuine human dynamism if it's going to eventually come back and knock off BSG. Paramount, it might be time to take Michael J Strazynski up on his offer.

And the super villian fiesta that is Justice League Unlimited gets better and better. It's like those Legion of Doom episodes of the Superfriends only they're not lame as hell because they're dated as hell. There's just something about hearing Clancy Brown (from this week's Lost) and Powers Boothe (from this week's viewing of Sin City) voicing Lex Luthor and Gorilla Grodd respectively having a ball sounding evil and devious as all get out. Fun fun fun.

My Morning Jacket's performance on this week's Austin City Limits was boffo: weird, artful, a total rock out. Death Cab For Cutie's performance just didn't do it for me.

PS- You can properly play cooperatively in Tournement Mode in FIFA 2006, a recent discovery: do or die two man vs computer battles from group stage to knock out stage where EVERY goal scored and given up COUNTS. Devastating, ridiculous fun. Frankly I only cheer louder for goals when a Sabre scores on TV. FIFA 2006 is the best sports game I have ever bought, and right now soccer (football) has jumped up higher on my list of sports that I actually enjoy. I even like that "Joca Bonita ("play beautifully" in Portuguese) Nike commercials with Eric Cantona (I even now know who Eric Cantona is) and all those groovy "beautiful" goals, and I totally fucking hate Nike and their designs for global domination. All because of a goddamn videogame.

Bring on the World Cup!

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