Sunday, February 12, 2006

- To answer a thread on Eschaton about whether the folks at Battlestar Galactica know where they are going with the show: of course they know where they are going- it's obvious that the treachary of Baltar will be discovered this season, which means he'll end up hanging with the Cylons (which means we might get to see the Cylon homeworld and perhaps figure out what they fuck they're on about- almost annihilating humanity), and I think the Cylon-Human hybrid a-baking in Sharon the Cylon is significant also, and they've been building that since the first few episodes. To atrios I say "patience."

- By the by... this week's installment of BSG was a keeper with Dana Delaney as a terrorist just trying to get some justice; another crazy and challenging episode about the nature of terrorism. This is easily one of the best show's on TV right now.

- The other "best" shows on TV right now? The Office, Veronica Mars, and Lost.

- WTF? New York magazine's Highbrow/Lowbrow- Brilliant/Dispicable Matrix says they've cast Bryce Howard to be Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man 3?!? Huh? But they've already lobbed Mary Jane off the top of the Brooklyn Bridge in the first one.

- How about them Sabres? What a great game last night: yes the 2nd period was another unpleasant 20 minutes for the lads but once again they pounced hard in the 3rd and brought home the bacon. I can't wait for today's 5 PM game; I wanted them to win 2 of their last 4 before the Olympic break and they've done so brilliantly, thus we can all just enjoy today's game against the The Carolina Hurricanes, the best team in the East. Go Sabres.

- And now is the time to acquaint yourselves with the names of these Sabres: Thomas Vanek, Paul Gaustad, and Jason Pominville. Ryan Miller you should be worshipping already.

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