Monday, May 15, 2006

Sunday TiVO Blowout!

The Simpsons was brilliant: science vs. religion vs. America vs. our common sense and American decency. Whether it was the useless history exhibits with absolutely no educational value (TLC, Discovery Channel), Helen Lovejoy telling Reverend Lovejoy that the creationism vs. evolution controversy would pack the pews before they got it on, Larry Hagman as the southern Clarence Darrow attorney or the pro creationism scientist with a "phd in truthology from Christian Tech," it hit the nail on the head. Sharp and hilarious.

Gay mobsters in love. Carmella recognizing once again the moral quagmire she's a willing participant of. The pain of Ginny Sack. Gay mobsters losing it because they can't deal with the button down, rural handyman life when they'd rather be back in Jersey breaking legs, and because they lost their battle with their wristwatch and the long boring work day. Tony recognizing that Dr. Melfi is right about his relationship with his sister Janice and by extension his relationship with his mother all equals another killer Sopranos.

I'll miss Jed Bartlett and his staff, and I wish them well. Watching the President of our dreams, the President of the country of our dreams end his adventure on last night's West Wing finale was profound, touching, and very sad. All the gracenotes were there: Charlie, Lily Tomlin giving tips to the incomming Executive Secretary, Josh and Donna, Sam, the ghost of Leo, and the beautiful relationship of Jed and Abby. It was good, beautiful, graceful, and sweet.

America and NBC are the poorer now that The West Wing has ended. That said, the commercial for Sorkin's new show this fall looked awesome, and I cannot wait.

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