Sunday, May 28, 2006

Happy Day

Brother Kevin and Mary's wedding was very nice: the ceremony was lovely and the reception a righteous shindig with probably the best wedding DJ I've ever seen (I don't think any of the music was MY music but I didn't mind), the food was excellent, and the bars multiple. The food was great, the booze plentiful, and instead of clinking glasses for newlywed smooching we made everybody chant "Let's Go Sabres" or "Let's Go Buffalo" and clap the clap we all know. One table of cousins even got up and did the Sabres dance. All very nice. Hopefully that mojo does something.

The reception also featured the best Chicken Dance and Hooky Pooky's I've been gotten down to in a long time. Congratulations Kevin and Mary, and on behalf of Brother Tim and myself I apologize for fucking up the runner. What a cock up that was.

Now if only my GODDAMNED neighbor wasn't running all of his yard tools at 9 AM today...

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