Sunday, May 14, 2006

In Brief

- Windows Service Pack 2 was the worst download I have ever made. Totally cocked up the ole computer. Thanks a lot Bill. Posting is thus screwed. Sorry.

- Smallville's season finale was boffo and the best use of computer effects on TV I've seen in a while. Serenditpitous. I can't wait for the conclusion, even if they haven't officially announced that it's been renewed for next season....

- The Champions League Final.... Barcelona FC vs. Arsenal FC... live from Paris France Wednesday May 17... the capper of the club football season before the soccer world (ie the rest of the world) holds it's breath in anticipation of the World Cup. Profoundly exciting.

- Tonight: the finale of The West Wing. The smartest show in the history of network TV reaches it's end and I'm sad, and you should be sad too... trust me.

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