Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Arsenal Fan Responds

The roommate deserves a word:

It was a great Champions league final despite a lose for Arsenal which I've been a fan of for 13 years. It was just a shame that the referee was just a complete asshole as well as his 2 assistant referees, who were complete fuck ups. They really gave Barca all the help they needed and more. Don't think that I was disappointed that Barca won because I am a fan of them but just wished that it was refereed fairly. The referee(shithead of the year) should have called more fouls on Barca than he did. But obviously he must have liked Barca more than Arsenal. If it was called more fairly the outcome might have been more different, like an arsenal win. This didn't happen but Arsenal will be back and will be better than ever. That I can truly say will come to light . Long live" ARSENAL" forever.

I should have had him write that earlier when he was really angry. Now he's more boozed up and mellow.

Fuck Arsenal. Barca forever!

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