Saturday, May 20, 2006

Even Better Than The Real Thing

From the Real Deal radio show blog:

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Even Better Than The Real Thing

A huge thanks to Michael Blanding from The Nation and Barry Crimmins for joining us this morning. heartily The Real Deal recommends: for more from Mike.

and for more Barry Crimmins stuff and his excellent, excellent Blues in the Key of W online album.

The Real Deal also wants to thank Ed from Buffalo for alerting us to the hoodwink that alas does direct you to a Pro Coke site so foul that it actually comes off as being anti Coke reflexively.

Gail also had a great story about the Sabres that we didn't have time to get to but trust me folks- it is a fine piece. Thanks Gail!

Hell, thanks everybody. Go Sabres!

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Odds and Sods

And for those who care, the music from today's show featured:

"After the Garden" Neil Young, off of his new album Living With War.

"Coke" Flickerstick, off of Welcoming Home The Astronauts.

"Even Better Than The Real Thing" U2, off of Achtung Baby.

"We're Gonna Win That Cup" sung by Maria Sabastian.

And yes yes, the new Neil Young album is amazing:raw, honest, spiritual, and wise. The record of 2006 because frankly it's a time capsule of 2006, of an age that hopefully /ideally we'll look back on in a few years and scratch our heads over.

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