Monday, April 21, 2008


The second season finale of Torchwood was mind blowing and much deserving of the pre show hype considering they killed off two series regulars. My only regret about the end of this excellent show's excellent second season- that I have to wait nine months until the start of the third season.

And it's not like I am going without*- now that the fourth season proper of Doctor Who debuts this week on the Sci Fi Channel. Last Friday's airing of the 2007 Christmas special with Kylie Minogue didn't blow my mind. Kylie was nice, and she certainly presented herself well as a potential new traveling companion for David Tennant's Doctor, but it was a bit broad in it's humor and approach, a reflex perhaps when writer/producer Russell T Davies goes overboard with the darker elements that drag Who away from it's family show heritage (the episode is a decent send up of both Poseiden Adventures and Titanic- complete with a surprisingly high body count). Still kudos to Kylie for delivering the emotional punch the episode needed, and I hope they find a way to bring her back.

* The Sarah Jane Adventures are fun, and worthy of mention now that they're showing the first season proper of the show after last week's pilot episode. The writing is broad, fun, sly, and emotionally satisfying considering it's a somewhat derivative kids show. And it makes me laugh.

Is there nothing those crazy Welsh Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sarah Jane people can't do? Kudos also to Sci Fi for finding a way to preserve the show's fun cliffhanger's even though they are showing 2 half hour episodes a week.

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