Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spike TV gets props for actually showing in their entirety the credits to Star Wars. Yes they are sped up, but still that's pretty cool.

Random Star Wars Observation (I wish I could number them for you): the scene at the end of Episode II with Darth Sidious and Count Dooku walking, chilling and plotting is the total analog of that scene of the Death Star (Mark 2) from Episode VI when Darth Vader greets the Emperor (Darth Sidious)... and walks, chills and plots. Both scene's take place in a hanger, I think the Emperor even says something about "everything going according to plan" in both scenes, but craftily enough the roles are reversed (in II it's the boss greeting the underling whereas in VI it's the underling greeting the boss) and the different settings (the dreary hanger in II, the Death Star shuttle hanger in VI) underscore just how far the Sith came.... before being defeated by those damn Skywalker kids. Very nice there George-I hadn't noticed that until tonight (when I caught the end of II on Spike- as you might have guessed). Very nice indeed.

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