Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Hip Slapping Good Time

Things observed from a repeat viewing of the other night's new Office:

  • The title of that cd by Jan's former assistant was called "The Hunted."
  • I think the majority of the pictures at Michael and Jan's are of Jan's enhanced boobs.
  • The pitch perfect facial expressions:

- The look on Pam's face when Jim tries to escape the dinner party without her.

- Jim's bewildered look when Michael made his crack about the wine's "oakey afterbirth."

- When Michael manages to still look at the camera when he yelled "that's what she said!"

- When the cop says "not now Dwight" to Dwight.

  • The painting in Michael and Jan's dinning room is of Hell.
  • My family used to have a cooler just like Dwight's former babysitter/friend with "purely carnal" benefits.
  • Dwight makes her take the bus home (wherever that is)... and lug that cooler.


Anonymous said...

Hi, what's an 'oakey afterbirth'? I'm from the netherlands and I never heard of that saying, I think it's an english/American saying, so could cou explain it please?


The Dude said...

It's a line of comedic nonsense uttered by comedy mastermind Steve Carrell about the aftertaste of the wine he was drinking.

Buenos dias!