Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Um, it has a sort of oak-ey afterbirth"

Ah yes, the discerning palate of Michael Scott (and the table manners of a man who dips his steak in this wine glass- tremendous). I (and a great many people) was looking forward to it all day and goddamn! The first new Office in what seems like years totally blew my mind. It will go down in history as an orgy of funny pain that became a comedy tour de force in the first ten minutes. Ah the bitterness of Dwight and the madness of Jan (she was something else... back when she was sane). Ah the strange sympathy I felt for poor, poor Michael (as embodied by the brilliant Steve Carrell); yes, that man is in hell. There was an almost Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf quality to this episode as souls were bared and secrets were revealed (thankfully Pam and Jim survived unlike those poor souls in Albee), and by golly did I laugh until I felt genuine pain. The Office is back with a force, and I am happy that it is back. Overjoyed.

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Jaquandor said...

I lost it when I saw Michael's tiny flatscreen TV, all wall-mounted and everything.