Sunday, April 06, 2008

BSG Notes

  • Wow, the first ten minutes of the first new Battlestar Galactica in ages was absolutely Episodes III and VI good. Everybody involved totally went for broke and it showed. I mean I was excited about new BSG's but now I'm "oooooooh... BSG" and jonesing for new BSG.
  • I'm also jonesing for the new Friday night Sci-FI channel lineup, with the good natured children's show Doctor Who spinoff The Sarah Jane Adventures and the fourth season of Doctor Who leading into BSG. The Tivo will definitely hum Friday nights.
  • Baltar is Jesus? Jesus was not a sex fiend like Baltar, but he did heal the sick. I've always enjoyed the religious themes and explorations, but now that it's coalescing into a polytheism vs monotheism I'm giddy at the possible implications of this final season of BSG. It's also cool that Baltar's Cylon inspired monotheistic cult is populated by comely lasses.
  • I'm also intrigued by the fact that the human "good guys" are the monotheists and the robot "bad guys" are the monotheists.
  • Battlestar Galactic is the sci-fi Sopranos. Pure and simple. I think it always was and we just didn't see it.
  • Thus I'm saving this first 10 episode batch of the final season on the Tivo to watch when I watch all of the previous BSG's in preparation for the final 10 episodes of this final season (air date totally TBD).

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