Sunday, April 13, 2008

Good Times

Changing gears...

It's all coming together nicely folks. Next Friday we get new Doctor Who on the SciFi Channel (the most recent Christmas special with Kylie Minogue) preceded by the first season of The Sarah Jane Adventures. The next day we get the "series changing" season finale of Torchwood on BBC America (featuring Spike/Brainiac James Marsters, from Buffy/Angel and Smallville respectively)... and then on next Friday the highly anticipated fourth season proper premiere episode of Doctor Who with British comedienne Catherine Tate as the Doctor's new travelling companion.

And sandwiched in between all of that we have the Pennsylvania Primary. Good times. Good times.

Also, I am unabashed fan of The Sarah Jane Adventures. Sure it's ostensibly a kids show, but Elisabeth Sladen is fun to watch as a grown up Sarah Jane, the teenage co-stars are tolerable if not downright appealing- and not obnoxious in the least (a big plus considering my views on some of our teenagers); positive role models abound, there's plenty of sly social commentary, and the show reminds me a lot of the classic Doctor Who series that ran from 1963 to 1989- in particular the late fun (and occasionally cheesy*) 60's and early 70's Who episodes that featured Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee as the Doctor. But with more hugs and happier endings.

Not that kind of happy ending you sickos.

* Not necessarily cheesy in a bad way mind you. It was the 60's and 70's (and 80's) and they didn't have big budgets... so sometimes you got cheesiness. Serious cheesiness. But the writing was (generally) good, the actors played it just right, you used your imagination, and you got past it. As an American kid raised on Star Wars unfortunately that didn't happen (maybe if I'd been exposed to Doctor Who as a young child it might have...), but now that I'm able to contextualize and appreciate it I enjoy that cheese. Sometimes (those Colin Baker Doctor Who's are painful).

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