Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Doomed Files

Because it's become such a prominent theme it's practically made itself a new category...


Just finished Buffalo native Jake Halpern's Fame Junkies: The Hidden Truths Behind America's Favorite Addiction, and boy was that scary. And I'm not even referring to the thoroughly deluded stage parents, child star wannabees, celebrity personal assistants, and celebrity worshippers (and I'm talking serious worship here, the kind that triggers faith and false idol worship issues) discussed and interviewed by the shrewd yet not unkind Halpern. Those people are out to lunch, and there's nothing that can be done for them. What freaked me out was the bits about the history and outrageous recent growth of our nation's obsessions with fame and becoming famous and the various explanations for this national nightmare. I daresay Halpern is right about all of it; there's a shitload of reasons why we're all totally obsessed with this shit (and obsessed about hating this shit, which of course sometimes leads to thinking about said shit), but that's not what really got me. It's a statistical fact that our teenagers and youngsters spectacularly narcissistic and prone to prima donna-ism... hell people, you see it. You see it in adults. You see it when they drive.

But that's not the point, the point is these poor deluded children are heading for a HUGE LET DOWN. And what happens then? Generation B? As in BITTER AS HELL? That's not good. And what's worse- they're inheriting a country on the down slide. Yikes. Our society is not in the best spot as it is... and now we've got a generation destined for a big old kick in the teeth when reality sets in. Or doesn't. Which is worse. Far worse.

Needless to say it, we are doomed. Man is Canada is looking better and better.

And a minor quibble for local boy author (and City Honors alumni) Jake Halpern. Must you harp on our down on our luck Rest Belt downtrodden? Was that absolutely necessary?

Ah well.

Still dude, I credit you for your honesty and for not even trying to pretend that you're above your subject matter. That's your good old fashioned Buffalo non pretentiousness at work there, my friend. It is indeed in our bones (except for the pretentious WNYers that do exist in our community- you know... the poofy shirt crowd). Kudos.

Ah well.

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