Tuesday, July 04, 2006

2 Out of Four

And yes, I was only 2 out of 4 for my World Cup semi final predictions, BUT, Thierry Henry DID show up so my prediction re: Brazil v. France was sort of correct. The only match I totally blew was my Argentina call, and frankly that was out of partisan love for Argentina.

Does that count as 3 out of 4?

OK OK, no it does not. And what the fuck happened in Germany to Germany? Losing to an Italian side in the heart of a biblical soccer scandal? We're talking about a side that had guys who's club teams are about to be literally banished from the premiere league of Italian soccer. Whoa. That one came out of nowhere. What goals. The first one by Fabio Del Grosso at the death of extra time was profound. The pass back and that bending ball that just caught inside the post- a fucking vision to be sure. I won't even hazard any half assed assessments about Italian national character, but I will say that to almost back into the World Cup semi finals and then win like that... damn. Wow.

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