Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Chimes of Freedom

What the hell happened to the Fourth of July? Usually you've got works of fire (shot off by professionals) shooting off all over the place once it gets dark enough and tonight I saw nothing exciting in my drive back from Canada where we enjoyed dangerous pagan bonfires and all sorts of fireworks fun. Actually Crescent Beach was dead today too- the deadest I have ever seen it. The roads were empty in Fort Erie and Buffalo, and that was hands down the fastest Fourth of July trip over the Peace Bridge back from Canada ever. What's going on? What has happened to our local / national mojo?

At least the Space Shuttle went up (up and away) without incident. That was key.

In any case fuck it. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY. It's a celebration!! Enjoy your freedoms while you can.


Reports are coming in that it fell to ordinary citizens to have their own firework fun all over WNY without official sanction, and that in some parts of WNY we did damn good. Good for us.

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