Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fun Is Dead

Folks I am wrapping this blog up.

It's just no fun and it hasn't been for some time, and if you aren't trying to change the world, making cash off of it, hyping yourself, or overinflating your overall importance both in cyberspace and in the "real world" then there just ain't no point in it if it ain't fun.

Thanks for reading this and thanks for commenting on it. Thanks also to the Bflo News for hyping this blog up... that was fucking great, super. I had no idea this blog here was so hot, so prominent in the "Buffalo Blogosphere*" but hey, there you go. Show's you how much I know.

Thanks and I'll see you in the funny papers.

* A godawful and thoroughly self congratulatory name that provokes either no response whatsoever from John Q. Public, or expressions of mild amusement (usually in the form of a snort and a "tchah") from those who know better.

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